Ottawa Gatineau Bridge


Tourism is the third largest employer in the National Capital region of Ottawa and Gatineau. Within our tourism sector the hotel community generates over $500 million dollars of revenue annually. As most of this is money generated from outside the region these are “new” funds to the area.

On the employment front there are some 6,000 people employed in OGHA member hotels, with over 80% being full-time employees. OGHA member hotels individually make very significant investments in marketing the National Capital Region. Annually member hotels spend in excess of $33 million dollars to market their individual properties and their location in the National Capital region. OGHA member hotels in Ottawa pay some $26 million dollars in property taxes, or $2,941 per hotel room, and members in Gatineau pay some $2 million or $1,351 per guest room.

OGHA members have an annual payroll of over $125 million, pay over $80 million in taxes each year.

*source data 2005 hotel survey